Join us on the way to a certain victory.

The Risen Christ, our King and Savior, has commissioned us to disciple the nations and place them all under His feet through the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom, which confronts evil and disobedience in all areas of life. As people baptized in the Name of the Triune God, we have a mission – and this mission is nothing less than being the tool of world restoration, bringing love, justice, righteousness and freedom under Christ to the whole world, for the good of our neighbor and for Christ’s glory.

We at Antiteze understand that our task and duty is nothing less than building a Christian, redeemed civilization in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and central Europe as a whole.

What drives us in this work of subduing and teaching the nations is Christ’s declaration that “He has been given all authority in heaven and on earth,” the gift of His Spirit, and His assurance that He is with us in this effort until the end of the age. The Great Commission of the Church cannot fail. As the Apostle Paul said, “all things are ours, whether the world or life or death or the present or the future, all things are ours.”

The future belongs to us. Christ triumphed once and for all on the cross, and therefore our victory in history is inevitable. But it will require much hard labor. It will require uncompromising, dedicated, active, well-equipped Church.

To build a culture of life, love, freedom, justice and righteousness, a culture of the Christian Antithesis, we need to build upon firm foundations of truth.

Your support will help us to provide more and more books and other resources that will lay the foundation for all-encompassing, culture-changing Christianity – you will already find a variety of books, articles, graphics and other materials on this website, and, by the grace of God, their number will keep on growing. We certainly need your prayers – but, by no means let your striving for justice and righteousness be limited to prayers.

We are standing face to face with the crumbling secular humanist establishment, with the genocide of our pre-born neighbor, with the thievish tyranny of the godless who refuse to bow down before the King of kings – and, above all else, we are standing face to face with the apathy of the Church. It should be clear that we aren’t here to serve Christ instead of you.

We do not want followers – and we by no means do we want to be someone’s excuse not to engage in the Christian restoration of the world in their daily life. By no means do we want money given only to quiet the giver’s conscience. We want repentant brothers-in-arms who will put their hands to Christ’s plough with us and who will, day after day, strive to place the whole world under Christ’s feet.

The Czech Republic, Europe, and the whole world will one day bow down before Christ. Join us on the journey to this inevitable victory.

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